Hey Gritty.......

Those (*&*^%#@^! critters don't belong to me, no way NO HOW!

I only have to put up with them for one more day. The new fence charger has been ordered. DH ordered the one that will kick a cows butt clear across 8 acres. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching every minute of it.
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Our charger is packed...and those dag blasted bloody cows know it

Our horses don't care as long as they have green grass.

I ask one tho, and she said "I's am one of them there ArKansas cows, wes come from Miss Grittys place"

* chasing said cows back to Gritty's*

No, but the birdshot in their butts will.

I had to shoo cows yesterday. There's a really ugly bull up here with them right now. I will admit to being an admirer of good looking bulls. This one is just plain fugly and not large. Don't know why anyone would want to breed the thing.

At any rate, I shoo'd the cows and then turned to see him grazing contentedly by our mailbox. I tried to shoo him with a flapping dishtowel - hey! it worked on the heifers.
- he just ignored me. I hit him in the butt with a rock. Ignored me. Got the porch broom and smacked him on that big ol' ugly head of his. He gave me stinkeye.

I told him he could stay, as long as he didn't bother the coops.

Might I suggest a large bright red piece of cloth. Just wave it around. That'll get him moving.


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