Hey guys, is this normal?

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    I put 41 eggs in my incubator 24 days ago. Here's the thing, only 20 hatched. Is that ok for first round? That not even 50 percent. And also, the 21 that didn't hatch we cracked open outside to see what happened and 13 of them died during the process, 2 of the died while they were hatching, they cracked and never came out. And 6 didn't have anything at all. What happened?
  2. Need more info about your incubator, but around 50% is still respectable considering the 6 that were probably not fertile and 2 who died at the end. The 13 that were mid-development might indicate some errors in your incubation, but without knowing more about the temperature, humidity, auto-egg turner versus hand turned, etc....., it is hard to say.
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    x2. Were the eggs shipped? Shipped eggs have an earned reputation for being difficult and an expected less than 50% outcome for healthy hatches. Yes information on your incubator and if you have an independent calibrated hygrometer and thermometer as well as what ever came with your incubator. As your hatch was just shy of 50% and this was your first go at incubating I would say you were doing pretty well. Outline the information for us and we can give you some pointers. Need to know your candling schedule also.

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