Hey guys!


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11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I've lost track of my eggies! Post here if you've gotten eggs from me and let me know how they are doing/did!

P.S.--I've got some button quail eggs available if anyone wants them
I so wish I could buy some of your button eggs, Shelley!! I have some coming next week from a Canadian breeder. I wish it was more affordable to ship eggs from the USA to Canada.
Mine hatched Sunday 8 buttons and only 3 Coturnix. The number of buttons I am happy with, but I wish I had more Coturnix. There was a little accident on one side of my incubator and water got in the egg tray. Oh well, may be more next time. BTW they are the cutest little buggers and are very friendly and QUICK!!! First time with quail and very happy. Thanks Shelley

On another note, I got some from another person and NONE of them hatched. She sent me a lot of extras but most of them were cracked on delivery. The priority box looked terrible, had to have been dropped or stepped on. I knew when they were received I probably wouldn't get any to hatch and it was totally not the sellers fault.

hi Shelley! it's day 14 today for the 44 Coturnix eggs I have from you
I am getting so anxious to see some little fuzzball babies! temps have been steady and humidity has been surprisingly great for the desert!
here is hoping that the next few days are very eventful! I'll keep you posted!
I think i found what went wrong with mine. i cracked them all open and alot of them looked like they stopped at about day 5 or 6. then i found a bad egg im wondering if i had one cracked when i set it and it went bad and spoiled the rest of them

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