Hey hey! I would love some of ya'lls expert advice :)


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Hi everyone-I just came across this site! Anyone ship to ALASKA?
I'm looking for pheasant eggs but the issue is I live in Alaska. I have no idea where I could find them here! I hatched one like over ten years ago in an incubator at school, took it home & loved the **** out of it! I would love to do it again, with my little girls to experience it.
I am also looking for what would be the best incubator to buy & everything that goes with it! Yes, I'm aware google works well for research; hearing from an enthusiast who actually knows what they've been doing, is what I'd realt appreciate!
I don't know where to start-flipping through some of the threads was like reading a foreign language!

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Getting people to ship to you isn't the hard part - having them travel safely thru the postal department IS. The greater the distance - the more likely the eggs will be scrambled.

Even with the best of conditions - shipped eggs generally have a much lower success rate than locally bought. I wouldn't know if pheasant eggs are more fragile or not.You might want to post on the "Other Backyard Poultry " thread to see if any have eggs and would ship to Alaska.

As to incubators it seems each major brand is pretty evenly divided among love it - hate it. I don't mean to be so negative but, after you hear all the pros and cons, your head will be spinning, as mine is.

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