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Mar 4, 2018
Lawton, OK (USA)
Hey, my name is Lauren & I'm hoping that this is the place I need to figure out this whole chicken thing! By that I mean the multitude of questions I have. Other than wonderful & fond memories of my grandmother's chickens & occasionally bringing one to my house for a "visit" I've never actually raised my own chickens, as an adult. But now that's changing since my husband totally surprised me a couple nights ago... With 2 adorable little chicks! I've always told him how much I missed being around them & the fantastic fresh eggs. My grandma had a small little run for her Backyard Birds & I'd checked the local laws before i even moved here from Oklahoma City last year. But other than a wish & a dream, I hadn't Really expected I'd be getting any Cluckers anytime soon. Now I've got 2 and am desperately trying to figure out What kind they are, What gender, & What to do to help keep them safe from our dog pack! We're gonna convert our shed & fence them a run but otherwise I'm clueless... & Getting overwhelmed quickly! They're having a fantastic time being indoor birds, for now, but they're just now getting wing feathers & learning to fly-hop outta the big Rubbermaid tub the lady told my husband would be "sufficient" until the coop is ready & the weather's better... I'm not 100% sure but I'm kinda thinking that a Tub isn't going to suffice for a month or so!? Right?? So yeah, I am certainly praying this is the place I can get some answers & advice! Thank you so much in advance for everything cause I'm sure I'm gonna be asking Tons of questions! I would love to know if someone can tell me just What kind of chickens these are. Is there a way to upload pictures?


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It is great to have you here!

The chicks stay in the brooder for about 6 weeks and then out to the coop. Two do not need much room. How big is the tub?

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Jul 23, 2017
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Yes I started my chicken experience last summer with the Martha Stewart recommended chicken cardboard panels good for 2 weeks of a chickens lifecycle. They graduated to the bathtub and now I have a bathroom that needs to be repainted as there is chicken poop 5 feet up the walls.

Now that they are outdoor chicken life is entirely better for the both of us. One thing I would suggest is looking at your local Walmart and a Sunbeam Heating pad, and researching @Blooie M(other) H(en/heat) P(ad). The Sunbeam brand don't turn off after an hour or two. With one of those rigged to a 4-6 gallon behern's feed container those dust and poop monsters can be moved out of your home. Please do not get me wrong here I do love my chicken, but I would never again brood them inside my house.

I wish you the best and totally encourage you to get them out of your house as soon as possible. They will still be as cute. But cuter still without 1/4 inch of dander accumulating everywhere.

Welcome to BYC!

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