Hey Northern GA, tell me about your Town!

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  1. Just trying to touch base with some GA people. Northern Georgia is the area that my husband and I are going to be moving to (in 8 or so years). I would love to hear about that area as far as proximity to jobs, both medical and construction, and other things such as cost of living, gas, taxes, etc. I have been both a respiratory therapist and medical receptionist for over 15 years and my husband is a self employed contractor and does excavation, carpentry, welding, renovations, etc. Has the poor economy affected your area and what drives your local economy anyway? I assume tourism is one of the largest industries, but are there other industries that rank high?

    We have family in Central Florida and in the north west part of GA (marietta) and just love Savannah so we figured we would head south for some nicer weather and still get the seasonal changes. Our state of NH tends to have high property taxes but no income or sales tax. We pay just over $6000/yr on out 5 year old cape style home on 2.5 acres! [​IMG]

    I have put a few RE sites in my faves and peruse them for homes that have acreage for chickens and horses. We will be downsizing to a two bed two bath with land and hope to have mountain views and maybe a pond, stream or lake. We definately would like a barn and pasture near trails so we can lease out a few stalls. No neighborhoods though, all privacy but some convenience. [​IMG]

    If you have a moment I would love to hear from you. [​IMG]


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  2. Thank you Speckledhen for your great info! Hope to hear from some other friendly Georgia people!! BTW- I cannot believe that in Marietta there is a 2 acre minimum for chickens!! Most people don't think of chickens as a pastured animal like horses or sheep so a bit peculiar to have a "law"like that [​IMG]

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