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Jun 17, 2010
Hello BackYard Chicken Forum world!!

I have recently become the proud owner of 4 adorable baby chicks!! a friend's hens had babies and he gave 4 to me! I have no idea how to tend to them, but this forum has (and will continue to be) a great source of information to me!
A little info about me then on to the chicks! I live in Bethune SC with my hubby on a few acres with our two horses Jack (quarter horse) and Jacqueline (Friesian mare), two doggys Caddy (sheltie) and Hooch (bull mastiff), Three cats Hanna, Hobo, and Cassie, and the new Chicks! I have never had chickens before! Im a horse freak by nature, but I've always thought chickens were cool! My hubby is building a super coop/run for them in the yard, we plan on getting 4 more girls.
And on to the Chicks!! They are 3 weeks old today, named Skittles (brown one with black specks), Twizzler (brown with black stripes), Hershey (black), and Oreo Creme (oreo for short, whiteish blue color).See a theme?? hehehe They're mama was full blooded Araucana and daddy was 1/2 Auarcana 1/2 Easter Egger. They live in my living room and LOVE to watch TV with me on my lap! We are using a extra large wire doggy crate as a chicky house (the doggy pan makes for super easy cleaning!). Our house has no Air conditioner, long story, growl!, so keeping them warm enough has not been an issue. they love to tease the cats and have figured out that the cat can only reach in so far! I cover them with a blanket at night to deter the cats from sneaking up on them or when I cant supervise when im at work.

Thanks for letting me share and for all the great info here!!
Shereena and the crew!

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