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  1. Hi, SeaChick! I just saw the 2 of you on t.v! You made the channel 6 news about wanting chickens, but have an ordinance that prevents it. Good for you!! There are already people who have chickens. The man they interviewed said he thought it was a great idea as he remembers growing up when alot of people had them. I wondered if you got the chicks yet? They were coming in May. Who's chickens were in the video? Well, you just stand tall and keep up the good work! Merry
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    Apr 5, 2007
    Seachick, I saw it too! You and your little girl did a great job! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. When will you know for sure? The report says it is 'deadlocked'?

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Southern Maine
    Hi guys,

    We're "tentatively" scheduled for the Council workshop on the 25th, at which they vote as to whether they want to move it forward to a Council vote and public meeting. Hoping that they WILL (otherwise that's the end of the road) and that the first vote will be July 2. Then second vote July 16. That's the best case scenario. We need to win over two more council members to make this happen, so we are trying VERY HARD to gather public support. The councilors just need to know that most South Portlanders support this, then I think they will pass it. But people are pretty apathetic....... we REALLY need people to call/email their councilors, and most important COME TO THE MEETING and stand up to say they support this. SO>>>>> if you knwo ANYONE in South Portand.... please pass on this info to them!! Or even anyone in the Greater Portland area who might know someone in South Portland..... we need to get the word out. The web site has all the info and links to the councilor's emails, an on-line petition to sign, etc. www.SoPoChickens.org.
    The flock they showed on the news program is owned by a lady here in town, illegally of course.... very pretty hens!


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