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  1. koopkeeper63

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    Aug 2, 2016
    I am new on BYC. I have been creeping this site for a few weeks and have found tons of good stuff! I am a new flock owner as of June 6. I have 2 ISA Browns, 2 Barred Rock, and 4 RIR. They are coming upon 10 weeks old. I am having the time of my life with them. LOL

    They have a decent sized coop and run, but I would love to see them free-range. Call me "chicken little" but I'm concerned about them coming back into their coop/run. They do go into their coop every evening at dusk on their own, but will they still do so if I allow them to free-range.

    Also, the neighbor has cats. Would my chickens be able to protect themselves?
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    Mar 20, 2012
    Hi and [​IMG]

    It sounds like they've already learned that the coop is their home, so it shouldn't be a problem. If you want to make sure, you can throw a little scratch or another treat in the run when you want them to go back inside until they've definitely established the habit.

    Cat's aren't usually a problem for older, standard size chickens, but they can be a problem for very small chickens and growing chicks. You have some larger breeds, so when they are adults, you shouldn't have to worry about it. However, they might pose a larger threat now, so you will want to be a little more careful than when they're older and will be able to defend themselves better.

    Thanks for joining us and good luck! [​IMG]
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    Greetings from Kansas, koopkeeper63, and :welcome. Happy you joined our community. I agree with the above advice regarding cats. Good luck to you!
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Welcome to Backyard chickens. I would keep all eyes on the cats unless you have dogs to chase them off.
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    Jul 18, 2016
    Welcome [​IMG]and enjoy the great community!

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