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Dec 4, 2021
Yep I'm one of the old you, A Newbie lol Any I love animals and rather new to the chook kinda stuff, My oldest roaster "Colonel" a Big boy and my mouth water every time I look at him, Luckily for him I just can't bring myself to do it. The his big son "Poppy". Now this is where the story stars, Old "Mumma" from up the road. Well for years she would comes down and I would feed her and she would pick but leave to get home for bed. ( Actually started with 3 chicken, 1 got met with foul play. That's another story). So Mumma and her ugly friend ( I know right, I didnt name her ) did this for years, then I though i better get some chickens myself. So I did... anyway I am here cause poor old Mumma is a bit sick And I gonna help her, with the help of your guys of cause.. Thankyou and see ya around here :wee

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