HEY Wisconsin, Second Annual Bigzio Bash!!!!!

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  1. raimnel

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    It's official that the second annual bigzio bash will be at Christus Memorial Camp Located at N11605 Boy Scout Road Clintonville, Wi 54929 Easy access just off Hwy 45. Camp is reserved for Friday June 24, Sat the 25 and Sun the 26th. Please mark your calendar and try to make the annual event!

    Please post if you're joining in on the FUN!! also how many people you will be bringing, and what you will be bringing for the Sat. lunch/supper Pot luck! PM me with the names of who's all coming with you, so I can do up some name tags!!! I'll try hard to keep the list updated!
    more info to come!

    Here's who's coming so far......

    Who/how many/bringing for food

    DrHaha/ / Noodles, and BBQ's
    RAIMNEL/ 7 / buns for DrH's BBQ's, cheese and sweet peppers, baked beans lol
    TerriO/ 2 / green garden salad, sausage and cheese, Tabbouleh salad
    ?Dandelion Acres/ 5 / ??
    Susie "J"/ 2 /caramel apple salad
    GothChick/ 2 / ?? (not making it to the bash [​IMG] )
    BigZio/ 3 / Venison on the grill [​IMG]
    Amyable/ 3 / watermelon, trifle
    Julie/ 1/ chips and dip
    Magoochie / 2 /
    BabyLady4 / 6? / dessert
    beckyschicks /6 or 1? lol /
    sweetfolly / 5-6 /
    GhostRider65 / 2 /
    Cindlady /2 / German Potato Salad & Italian beef
    FrenchToast/ 2/ dessert (ice cream and cones)
    CelticChick/2/ pizza casserole
    Frizzler / / taco dip & chips
    Shantibirdy/1/ pie and pasta salad
    Polla37 /3/ mustard Potato salad
    Terri and Jerry V. / salad
    Dooner (aka Dan) & peggy

    ** I had this idea ok'd through Niffy, He is allowing me to screen print some bash t-shirts for us! if your interested, let me know by posting here or on the Wi thread. you can PM me with your size! cost will most likely by about $10 each???

    So if you want a t-shirt you need to tell me how many and what sizes.
    options of shirt colors are white or black
    under the hen it says
    WI's Annual Bigzio Bash!
    BackYardChickens.com <---- the "o" in .com is an egg lol

    Here is who I have so far and how many you want

    7 Raimnel (me)
    2 bigZ
    1 DrH
    5 Babylady4
    1 Amyable
    2 susie "J"
    2 TerriO
    1 Beckyschicks
    2 WIChookchick
    2 Cindlady
    2 Frenchtoast

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Terri O

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    Hey, I will be there with my DH (probably) Depends if he has to stay home with the critters! Terri O
  3. Dandelion Acres

    Dandelion Acres In the Brooder

    Nov 23, 2010
    [​IMG] We shall be there.....5 total, may not be camping as it is only 15-20 mins from home. As far a dish for the potluck that would be up to DW but I am sure it will be something from garden....Will let you know when we get a tad closer.
  4. Susie"J"

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Green Bay area
    [​IMG] Count us in. Myself and DH. Not sure about camping yet. Kind of waiting to see what happens with DH job hunt [​IMG] Will bring something to eat [​IMG] just don't know what yet. Let me think about it a bit. GO PACKERS [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. GothChick

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    Sep 5, 2010
    I plan on attending but it will depend on my daughter. She will be a month away from the "terrible 2s" at the time, so we will see if she will be able to make the drive. I should have 2 attending, possibly more, and will bring something but I'm not sure what yet. I should know more specifics closer to the date.
  6. bigzio

    bigzio Crowing

    Jan 20, 2007
    Yep gonna be 3 of us if jennie doesn't have to work.
    I'll prolly have the weber grill there. There is also two park type grills by the shelter so folks can keep that option a thought too!
    I'll be grilling Venzun.... could be steaks, burgers, and mett sausage cooked to perfection with a hint of Apple Wood. How's that sound!
    ~ bigzio
  7. Amyable

    Amyable Songster

    Dec 16, 2008
    Greenleaf, WI
    Sounds delish Bigz, never eaten as much venison as I have this year (very caring, sharing family and friends!)

    Will be coming to the Bash, bringing 3, me and the boys.
    Julie is planning to come too, will update with her numbers, and food for both.

  8. raimnel

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    I posted this in my original post but wanted to post it here so everyone see it!

    ** I had this idea ok'd through Niffy, He is allowing me to screen print some bash t-shirts for us! if your interested, let me know by posting here or on the Wi thread. you can PM me with your size! cost will most likely be about $10 each??? join us in the Wi tread to talk over the design! LOL! but think simple design!!!

    visual as to what we're talking about for the design. this is in no way the final
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  9. Terri O

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    Hi Raimnel--I could use a large shirt and my DH a 2X please...did we ever decide on a design? Have you heard from the "artist guy" yet? Your design is cute! I think the bubble should just say "Bigz' Cheesehead bash 2011" The whole [Got ?] is overused in my mind...but that's just me! Terri O--still working on the white Elephant thing....
  10. raimnel

    raimnel Songster

    ok TO I got you on the list for a T, no I didn't hear from the guy yet. and I hear ya on the got? it is over used. But? what can I say. also I think "Bigz' Cheesehead bash 2011" is to long to put IN the bubble. Any other ideas? What about putting BYC IN the bubble?. I think for ME a cheesehead hat would be to hard to screen print?! unless of course we wanted to pay upwards of $20-30 per shirt, I could have a pro do what we want?? [​IMG]

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