Hey worried about my chick.

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    Okay so this is my second attempt with a baby chick, first one had different problems which had shown positive results. This one has a pasty butt though, with pink in the poo....which I'm guessing is a little blood but its a light pink no red. What should I do? I'm using a home made brooder with red heating lamp. Temp started at 99-101 stabilized to 100 with in hour. She turned 1 week today..oh and we gathered eggs from our own chickens, we dont buy them. Another thing is she is sleeping a lot and has been all day I have moved her and she wakes up with loud squaking and passes back out when you're done picking her up and have her in hand
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    Do I understand correctly that this chick is from an egg you incubated yourself from one of your flock?

    The chick could possibly have coccidiosis if the pink in the stools is actually blood. The pasty butt is likely caused by your brooder being too hot. If you have this chick in a very small container and it's 100F in the entire brooder, then this is a big problem.

    Chicks need a heat source by which to warm themselves, but they need a lot of cool space to shed excess heat buildup. A small brooder lacks adequate cool-down space and the chick will overheat and die.

    Raising a single chick is a big challenge in itself. You would do the chick a huge favor by setting up a brooder where it can see the rest of your flock. It would be far less lonely, and it would be a lot easier to integrate it into your flock when the time comes if the flock has seen it grow up within sight of the rest.

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