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Jul 19, 2021
Taking the opportunity to introduce myself as well as talk a tad bit about the past week with my chickens 😬😪😩

I have a coop of 20 ladies currently , 2 roosters who surprisingly get along great. I have recently had first time hatch outs. So around our little farm we have a 4 week old chick and mama hen , another 2 hatched one surviving who’s 2 weeks old. Another 2 hatched 2 days ago one surviving and 3 due today. The struggle has been real. I’m so stressed over the hatching, one hen has been aggressive to her baby, another attacked a chick who wasn’t hers, killing it. One passed this morning for unknown reasons after it was in the brooder 2 days. My heart has been broken this week.
We keep our mamas and babies together in little coops inside the main large coop. All are in their own spaces, where they can’t get to another hen and chick. To try and keep them safe and secure. During the day the rest of the flock is free range, until they decide to go up for the night. This week we also had a hen fly into the dog lot, 😭 then I came home yesterday and the neighbors dog was chasing my hens around the yard 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then the start of that week a hen had a major foot issue that had to have soaking daily and infection drained… Upset is an understatement…. I seriously think this has been the hardest week since having my flock. 3 deaths in a week 😭😭😭 5 hatched out, 3 anytime now. I tried so hard to keep them all happy and safe.. encouragement definitely needed. 💔


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