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    Sep 27, 2013
    South Eastern Oklahoma
    Hey yall my name is Tabitha or (Tabby or TabbyCat), im 28, I am married to a 35 yr old guy and have a stepdaughter thats 15. two dogs and a cockatiel and my feather-babies. Im new at this whole chicken thing! This year is my very first year to have my very own flock of chickens! I've been wanting chickens for years for eggs and meat and critter fun! lol :) My hubby finally said YES! WOOT! my first two were cornish cross (logger and ale) and then a bit later we got two more a rir (cinnamon) and a blk ost (wendy). then we also took in a friends chick (genoveve1). wendy passed away shortly after we got her (poor thing was killed by our two cc and so did genoveve1). then we also took in another two chickens (genoveve2 and candace). we also adopted two older chickens from our friends who could no longer afford to keep them so we took them under our wings so to speak :) a blk ost (monster truck) and also a rir (cracker). then later we got two guinea keets females (gizmo and stripe). (they died as well later on, one drowned in a thunderstorm and the other again eaten by the cc ugh -.-' this is a learning process and a big learning curve...). we also decided to get 5 more chicks to replace the ones that died so we got 5 brown leghorn chicks. (one of our leghorn chicks mysteriously died in the cage that we had them in inside our house... did not figure that one out.) after that we decided enough killing of innocents had happened and finally set a plan in motion to build a larger chicken pen/run for the largeer birds to romp around in instead of being cooped up in a medium size pen that was traded to us in exchange of a deer tree stand. we built the larger pen and put the big birds in it. then we could put the smaller birds in the medium pen and get those out of our house. it worked like a dream! the birds are all happier now and no more killing has occured since! YAY finally oO' we place the medium pen inside the large pen but kept the babes in the medium instead of letting them out so that everyone could get used to each other. it was like that for a lil over a month and then we let em all out to romp with each other. a few days of rocky tension happened with some pecking and chasing and such but it wasnt as bad as before so i let it happen so the flock could begin teaching the youngsters their pecking order and its been fine after that... what a relief that was for us... so now its all good the birds are happy and getting along ok with each other... they still have their social groups lol like the younger birds (cinamon and the 4 leghorns) and then (logger ale monster truck and cracker) but other than that they really dont hurt each other or anything...dont know if my flocks will merge into one or not... age must be too far apart... not sure. anyhoo thats my chicken family story. ^^ i hope to have some roosters in tomorow YAY and start hatching some chicks as soon as all of em get to bearing stages ^^ then more fuzzy balls of love :) anyhoo i hope to gain more knowledge being here on this site and learn as much as i want/can about chickens and breeding and such XD and make friends and meet new people from different parts with different breeds! thanks for everything! cya around the forums and such :)
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    Sep 27, 2013
    South Eastern Oklahoma
    srry if this sounds gruesome and uncaring... its not like that i felt bad everytime it happened :( i hate to see them die... but in order to know the full story the ups and downs need to be said to get a better picture of what ive been thru with my babies. its made me closer to them thru all of this long history albeit short time together. and it makes it even more special thru all of it. i want to learn to be able to do more and eventually expand to have a larger variety of birds and be more self sufficient for my family! I WANT/NEED TO LEARN! especially in these times and thats why i ultimately came here! i hope you all will overlook my failures of the past present and future as i learn to make more of what little we have and jump to greater heights of self reliance and such :) im looking forward to this adventure with all of you! thankyou!
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    Welcome Tabitha :) I have learnt a lot from everyone on here in the little time I have been here :)
    Great bunch of people :) Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do :)
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    Sep 27, 2013
    South Eastern Oklahoma
    i also remembered one other chick that didnt survive as well and i apologise for my error of memory on this. our friends let us take care of (genoveve1 genoveve2 candace and tink. tink is another chick that had the same fate as wendy and gizmo. and also i remember now that genoveve1 wasnt killed by the cc, i think she died of an illness or one of those sudden chick deaths ive heard about. im sorry for lapse ugh... my memory needs some work. tink gizmo wendy those are the chicks that were killed. stripes(drowned) leghorn and genoveve natural causes. Im really srry for all the confusion and probly ill feelings ><'
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]Happy you joined! [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Glad you joined us! I think most, if not all of us here have lost chickens to error, ignorance or mistakes. No need to apologise. I for one learned lots from my mistakes and losses. This site is a wonderful place to learn even more and meet like-minded people. Have fun!
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    [​IMG] I understand your story BUT what is "the CC." I can't figure that part out.
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    Aug 22, 2013
    College Station, Texas
    Hi Tabby, Greetings from College Station, Texas.

    We too have lost a few of our chicks over the years, and we always feel bad.

    For us, it's like losing a cat or dog or any other pet.

    Hang in there.
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    Jul 10, 2013
    Anchorage, Alaska.

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