HEY, YOU GUYYYYS! Help Me Help Sloth

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    Okay, so here it goes. Sloth is my little Silkie that hatched out 2-3 days ago. Sloth has one eye that is lower than the other and bulging out a bit. He doesn't open it a whole lot. He can't get up and walk. He tries sometimes, but he just falls over to the side of his bulging eye and lays or squirms pathetically. It's sad. I have been giving him water and Poly-Vi-Sol without Iron, and I haven't seen any real improvements other than he can stand up for a millisecond longer than he could previously. He will not eat. I mashed up boiled egg yolk and tried to offer him some but that didn't work either. No interest, perhaps? I tried making a little support nest for him with a curled up washcloth, but he didn't like that and just flopped himself out each time I tried to prop him up. I know the best is probably to cull him, but I'd really love to see if there is ANYTHING, anything at all, that I could do to help Sloth. He's adorable, and I've grown attached to him and I'd hate to cull if there is another option. Please, help me if you can!
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    Sloth, I love the name. Love that movie. I would keep doing what you are doing. Make sure he gets alot of water. Nutri-drench is a very good product I buy from Tractor Supply. Lots of vitamins, electrolytes as well as immune system booster. Make him some gruel out of chick starter and try to feed him that with an eye dropper. As long as you keep nutrition going to him, he may suprise you. Keep in mind, some things are out of our control and Sloth may not have been meant to be. But if he were mine, I would keep on trying too. He's lucky to have you care for him. Good luck.

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