Jul 17, 2018
Rhode Island
Hey everyone!!! I just want to thank you all for all the useful information. I have been stalking this site with every little and big question I have about my chickies, but haven't posted yet. I have been thinking about getting chickens for over a year now, googled everything I could to educate myself. When I found someone selling a nice coop for a decent price at the end of spring I couldn't turn it down. It came with 5 one year old
golden comets. They came with the house they bought and they didn't want them. The poor girls never left their tiny run, I don't even think they had human contact. We got them home and within two weeks that were laying and free ranging. They now happily follow me around the yard and have a nice big run for when I can't let them out. Anyway I hope that wasn't to long of an introduction I'm just so happy I was able to give these girls a better life and they are so fun to watch.

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