Heya from New Hampshire!


7 Years
Apr 16, 2012
So, I've been stalking this website and the forums for months now, but I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I'm Anna and I live with my husband, kids and a crazy beagle in New Hampshire.

I do heirloom gardening and have a few local clients for my produce and this year we decided to add chickens, mainly for the eggs.

I read a lot about chicken math but I'm afraid I didn't get it until it happened to me. We started with the idea of 6 chickens and now have 16 chicks in the brooder. Since 4 of them were straight-run I might lose a few to rooster dinner (where we live "if it crows it goes") but I have no doubt the flock will continue to grow as we learn more and more.

I just wanted to say hi and let BYC know, wow, I have learned SO MUCH. My coop design, brooder, everything. My kids and DH keep asking me like I'm some expert and I just run upstairs and search it on here to find the answers!

Thank you guys!


Hen Pecked
11 Years
Nov 13, 2008
Colorado Springs, Co

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