Heya "Peeps"! Heh. New, from Alabama :)


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May 30, 2012
Huntsville, Alabama
Hey there everyone! I'm Brenda from Huntsville Alabama. So, my daughter and I went to a local flea market last weekend and wouldn't you know it, I'm over here looking at these little ducks and my daughter (5 years old) is a few yards away at another vendor buying herself a little black chicky! I walked over there to her just as he was handing her a box with this little peeping thing inside. And so, here starts my chicken venture. I've spent the past week learning all I can about chickens! Very addicting, I must say.

So, after quite a bit of searching and reading, I found out that this little guy is a Dominique. Those are beautiful chickens, by the way.
I've got his little "box" set up with his heat lamp, got him some starter feed and now I get to figure out the rest.

Since this all started, it's only fed my desire to have "a few" chickens running around, so now I'm looking into coops and what kind of hens I might want (good egg layers is what I'm wanting) and of course, I'm looking for cheapy but sufficient "tricks of the trade" and anything else that might be recommended for raising a healthy little backyard flock.


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Jun 28, 2011
Hello and welcome to BYC! That chick's lovely, but he needs a friend...

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