Hi All, Could someone please tell me if this Speckled Sussex is a rooster or hen. Not sure of age but between 16-18 weeks. Thanks

Lady Ann

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Oct 28, 2020
Thankyou everyone for your replies. I’m attaching another photo which shows both of my speckled Sussex which are of a similar age. The second chicken has a much smaller and paler pink comb and wattle. Also the chicken in my original post is very dominant. Does this additional photo and info change anyone’s opinion? Thanks again



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Feb 15, 2020
With my birds
I’m getting a gut feeling. Cochins can be WEIRD. I saw a thread a while back with two boys and one girl, bantam Cochins. The two boys had smaller combs than other breed pullets the same age! They were so tiny, and still pink. But they were some sort of pattern where the males have a black chest and all that. They were male.
My gut really says boy. You’ll have to update us.

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