Hi all....decided to come out of lurkdom. :)

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Birdydeb, Apr 6, 2016.

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    I have been lurking for the past two-three weeks or so and while this site has helped me tremendously, I have a feeling I will encounter some more questions soon. I am new to chickens but my user name is one I have had for quite awhile actually as I used to rescue parrots. My son started calling me that back then and I decided it was probably pretty appropriate for use her too! :D

    I just got my first six chicks, straight run from TSC about 2 and a half weeks ago. 4 RIR and 2 BR. Then chicken math kicked in I guess...LOL Last week I got 6 more from TSC. I went back twice after the first 6 but didn't want what they were offering. Last Thursday, I said "whatever" and got 4 ISA Brown pullets(hopefully) and 2 more straight run RIR. These last six were only 2 days old...3 at the most? First 6 were probably at least a week and a half old. I was hoping to keep from having such a gap in age but it looks as if there will be at least a 3 week gap. That will probably be one of my first questions later....how to integrate these two groups. :)

    We already have a coop....bought it used. It is 6 x 12 and will need to be cleaned, repaired and fenced in. Repairs are minimal, mostly "tightening" up for security. As we get the coop straightened out and prepare to build the run I need I will have a multitude of questions as we have TONS of foxes around...and hawks. :(

    Thank you for such a great site and to all the members who are so helpful with keeping the information flowing.
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    Hi :welcome

    Glad you could join the flock! It's sounds like your chicken adventures are coming on really well and your flock is growing too! Those are some lovely breeds you have there and I'm sure you will really enjoy keeping them. Be sure to ask any questions, there really is a section for everything in the forums.

    Wishing you the very best of luck and enjoy BYC :frow
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    FOXES are BAD!! They can dig, climb, jump and are very persistent. You may want to peruse the predator threads for all the advice they can give you. [​IMG]
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    Foxes are acrobats huh? :th oh boy..... I have a big white furry deterrent in the form of my Great Pyrenees. I am not positive he is "bullet proof" for the chickens yet even though he was raised with chickens and ducks. He may get tested sooner rather than later. Supposedly he never killed any chickens at his old home. He is just ignoring the chicks...even when they are noisy. Will be reading all I can about making my coop the Fort Knox of coops. Thanks for the heads up....I have only watched the foxes slink through the fields. I had no idea what they were capable of but I knew they would love a chicken dinner. :(
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. Great to hear that chicken maths is alive and kicking!

    You may wish to consider joining your state thread as it will put you in touch with other BYC members in your area - just type the name of your state in the search box.
    All the best

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