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Hi Everyone!

Been a lurker off and on for some time now and decided to join now that it's official...meaning my coop is in the process of being built and I am about to place my order for some chicks at McMurrays
So a general question for you all. I am torn between ordering the Rainbow Layer group and the Brown Layer group. I have a 5 year old and 3 year old that will be helping me out (will work on DH)...and wanted to get a group that would be a friendly bunch for the kids. We live on Long Island, so we can get some colder winter temperatures. They will be free range as we back up to a vineyard that they can explore...just worried about possible hawk/predator issues. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
Oh, we are building an 8x8 house..and any insight/advice/tips/tricks/must have would be lovely! We are taking delivery around April 4-6
Thanks so much!



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I'd probably go with the brown egg layers, because the breeds look like they'll give you bigger and more eggs. Of course it's also fun to have some white and blue/green eggs as well. I just received an order from McMurray on Monday, and we got brown layers and Easter eggers. I think I'll pick up a few leghorns at the feed store, so I can get white eggs too. The most friendly chickens that we've ever had were RIR, buff orpingtons and EE.
from Illinois!


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I have both and I love them all! Blue egg layers don't give you as big or as many eggs as some of the brown layers do but they are usually very friendly, and good with kids. For the predator problem, I would cover their run with netting to keep the birds of prey out and lock the coop up tight at night to keep the bigger predators out.
Good luck and welcome to BYC!!!

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