Hi all Need to rehome my Beautiful Rooster NYC

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    Jul 10, 2016
    Hi all, I wanted to say Hello! I have had a great time reading and getting answers from forums here. about 3 months ago we bought 4 chicks our first time raising chicks, they were about 1 week old thanks to these forums, I had a Brooder and everything set up they are all doing good.
    At the time I was told that since they were so small there would be a "possibility" of one being a Rooster and that's exactly what happened I have the most beautiful New Hampshire Red rooster, he is so human friendly and I really don't want to give him up but we are not allowed to have him, if anyone can help me find a place for my pretty boy I would very much appreciate it.
    I haven't decided if I would let one of the hens go along with him so he wont be alone.

    I'm heartbroken over this as I have had a great time watching my chicks grow and thrive they have been fed organic food since the very beginning, he LOVES grapes and is very docile, all help truly appreciated, Thank you.

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