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8 Years
Dec 31, 2011
My name is Lisa and I'm a chicken-holic in west Tenn. I remember having chickens for a while when I was a kid and we just got a few about three o four months ago. The first group were 12 Rhode Island Red pullets that did not have a happy ending. The above mentioned too many dogs broke in and killed all but one. After installing some electric fencing the current ones have fared much better and now it's a mixed flock of the surviving RIR, Cochin, Americauna, production reds, Dominiques, some generic hens and my favorites the Orloffs. I really want to add some Lackenvelders ( hope my spelling is close to right) this spring. So far I've really had a blast reading the forums and learning about chickens, who would of thunk they could be this much fun.


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