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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Beed, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Dec 11, 2008
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    Hey chicken folks,

    Glad to have found this forum. I have collected much needed info reading posts. I am new to chickens but not to birds. I have been in love w/ all birds most of my adult life. I work part time for a Vet in front office but unfortunately we do not treat birds (although Dr. has three beautiful conures).

    These 2 sweet girls I adopted are such a blast I can't get over it. Violetta is a black capped white w/ black spot (not sure of correct name of breed) Polish and Stella is Silver laced Cochin. They are both 3 months old and inseparable. I seem to be going through the new Mom fears of them getting sick. I am keeping a watchful eye on their behaviors. I know it is not normal but I am keeping them inside my Florida room. It is made up of all huge windows- ceiling to one foot above floor, tile and stucco. I have a coop w/ nesting box and roosts and I line w/ sand, hay, grass clippings and some newspaper. We live on a sand ridge and have some land w/ lots of grass to collect so I have unlimited no cost supplies. I am home a lot so I can clean poop and stuff as I go. I do take them out once a day for a while to get sun and bugs. When I have a clean suitable area partitioned off I will put the coop outside but they will not sleep out there. We have an eagle aerie in our back yard not to mention bobcats, panthers, raccoons, tons of snakes, feral cats, big hungry gators-you name it we got it. We are on the edge of a wetland/wildlife preserve. It is beautiful but dangerous.

    I have bored you all enough w/ my introduction Glad to be here. Hopefully I can find my camera and get some good pics.

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    [​IMG] Welcome!

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