Hi all,She is sitting !!!!!!


11 Years
Dec 9, 2008
Hi All,

Just wanted to share my great exciting news. My pekin bantam hen is sitting since yesterday
I am so excited:celebrate
I have had chicken for the last 3 years and this is the first time I have a hen that sits.

Now my questions. I've got so many! What do I do? I would like to put some of my silkie hens eggs and some of my big birds eggs too with the bantam. How do I do that? Is there any thing I should not do or should do to make sure my bantam stays on the eggs? How do I get food to her? Do I need to isolate her from the others?

Sorry about all those questions, but I want to make it right for her. Ohhh, I can't wait to see the chicks. 21 days to wait

As my husband says, I should not count the chick before they hatch! Thanks.

Let nature take its course. You can possibly slip a couple of extra small eggs under her. A broody will usually take extra eggs pretty easily. Just make sure they are at about the same stage of set. Only put as many eggs under her as she can comfortably cover with her body.
You can seperate her into her own area if you have that option. It would help her to remain calm. Then you could put food and water out just for her otherwise she will leave the nest once a day to eat and drink.
If she has only been setting for 3 days, has she quit laying eggs yet? It is when she quits laying and goes into a tight set that you would start counting down the days.
21 days is only a benchmark under optimum conditions. Hatch date will be determined by at what temp she is able to keep the eggs and rate of growth of the embryos.
I hope that answers some of your questions
Thanks very much! My hen looks very confortable, and sooooooo cute
, on her nest. I haven't see her coming out of it though. Now I just have to be patient and contain my excitement. I think I am more excited than my 3 kids!!!

I'll keep up with updates.


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