Hi and THANK YOU BYC!!! New Chick Owner


5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
Vallejo, Ca
I want to first start out by saying thank you so much to the backyard chicken community. I've learned so much from googling already. Every question I've had has been answered on this site and I am so happy it exists. I have 6 chicks, I think 4 RIRs and two blonde sex links. I'll post a few pics :) I have a coop ready to go and I am keeping them warm in the garage for now (they were in the house with us but they were quite a loud bunch) :weee Thanks again to all!!
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Aloud bunch that means you are feeding them correctly

You read and learned about your poultry
Thanks Gander double O seven!! I give them dry medicated chick starter and I also give them a bowl full of warm water soaked chick starter, seems like the chick version of baby rice cereal.. :) they LOVE THAT :yiipchick
Hi Kaycee!

Hello and Welcome To BYC! I am new myself, but loving every clucking minute of it!! Everyone is so helpful and the forum is loaded with lots of tips and tricks!!
Hi Kaycee and welcome to BYC. Nice chick pic. I've spent the last nine or 10 months reading the material here on BYC but have only recently begun posting regularly. But the folks that have been here awhile are very helpful. You'll like it here, I'm sure.

Welcome to BYC!

Your babies are adorable! And yes, seems like a lot of us have joined BYC because google always leads us here anyway!

If you need any tips and hints on raising your new brood, stop by our learning center for lots of great reads on all the aspects of keeping poultry...


So glad you could join our community and welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Congrats on the new babies, how cute! That one chick sure looks like it has an attitude!

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