Hi, can you help me know the breed


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9 Years
Sep 24, 2010
of this head and roo and babies ejj and extra chicken jejeje, here is a video of them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMQxgHs8w6w
for the info they gave me one of this baby chicks one in black and one in beige i´ve been curius about the breeed,
and what i said in the video is , ooo my two chicks look smaller than this jeje but actually aren´t jeje thanks for the help
I see a Barred Rock hen, an Easter Egger rooster, and bunch of mix-breed chicks. Oh and a silver duckwing Gamefowl hen of some sort running past.
Athanks for the help! I love them but until i have my coop i have them on my mother in law house.

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