Hi chicken people from Australia


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Hi everyone. My names Lou. I'm just new to Backyard Chickens and being a chicken parent. We adopted 4 ex-battery hens about 6 months ago. One of the best decisions we've ever made. My girls are both rhode island reds and isa browns. Watching them discover their freedom and build confidence has been unbelievably rewarding, for all concerned. We adopted featherless, sad faced, scared, quiet and severely mistreated girls, who very quickly became the most friendly, appreciative and vocal comedians. They are now developing criminal tendencies and frequently steal food or attempt to break in to the house. But they are so thoughtful. They are constantly concerned about our dogs diet, leaving him many treats from their backsides for him to devour.
Unfortunately, we lost one of our girls. She passed away on 31st October. But I still say we have 4 girls, coz I reckon she's still here in spirit. We all miss her sorely. Her name was Legba. (She wasn't a legbar though). Cyril, Goodie and Gytha are the 3 still with us. (if you want a giggle, look up their names on Wikipedia. They are characters from Terry Pratchetts Discworld novels).
Anyway, I live in Brisbane, Australia 5 minutes from the city centre. We have 1 dog, Ziggy, a kelpie. 1 cat, Greebo, a big, big white with grey patches shorthair. He and Ziggy sleep curled up together and are the best of friends. 1 cockatiel, Smokey, who is OBSESSED with Ziggy. And of course, our hens, who just love everyone.
Hello and welcome to BYC
Nice intro!

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