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Jun 28, 2013
I'm in Plumas Lake, Northern California.I had all kinds of chickens as a child growing up on a small ranch. When I got married I bought every kind of bantam I could find, and that was in the early 70's. I just loved them and I wanted them for my daughter, she loved them too. Then in the Late 80's I lost the last of the Bantams and did not get any more chickens tell now. I was a working Mother with my Husband on our Farm and we were just to busy for anything extra to do and care for. My son got some laying hens recently and my daughter said, Mom your home now with some time so you can have some chickens if you want. Plus I have garden in our old water toughs from the cattle we sold off. I could feed the Garden left overs for the chickens and there would be compose to incorporate from the chickens and I liked the idea." Guess what" I did it. When I checked online the videos of the chickens you can buy. I bought 5- Gold Duckwing Old English Game Bantam from memory they were my favorite, 5- Crele Old English Game Bantam Party color and beautiful ,5- Spangled Old English Game Bantam small and gentle, From Cackle Hatchery. They sent me 21 chicks 7 of each breed. I ended up with 17. 2 from shipping died, 1 from just after receiving them died and then I just put down a rooster with broken hip when moving there coop got hurt. So I have 9 Hen and 8 Roosters and I love them all. The Bantams do like to fly a lot, I have increased there pen size from 10'x10' to 10'X30' and they will fly from one end to the other, just for the joy of it. They fly up on to my shoulders and they set on my shoes and pick on my pants and they talk to me a lot. I can not have them out at all, because of the predators. I have all kinds of hawks in my yard, they have been here for years, because of the pasture around the house for the cows. I still have a hand full of cows to play with, that my son and I deal with together. The hawks really freak the chickens out and the hawks can not figure out how to get in at the chickens, just to bad. I do try to chase them away but they don't go far. the chickens are figuring out the hawks can not get them. The rooster are so beautiful and boys have learned how to crow, they are so cute. The hens are cackling now and it sounds so good to me. They are 14 weeks old. I'm very pleased with the breeds that I picked out from the videos I watched. They do represent the breeds so will from what I saw. They are a happy bunch.
I'll post the coop and some pictures of the chickens soon. So glad this site is for people like me and you. Thank You ChickenLife
Hello rom Oregon , welcome to BYC & back into the world of chickens :)

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