Hi everyone..excited to be a new member!


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Aug 24, 2011
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Hi ya'll (insert very southern accent here!)

Terri from South Carolina chiming in. So glad to be a member of this forum..I have used it often to read up on needed chicken info in the past.
Have a small flock of pampered hens as pets! My patients in the office ( I am a Chiropractor) laugh at my chicken stories and pictures.

Just received Serama eggs in the mail and put them in the incubator last night..so very excited to (hopefully ) be a baby chicken mommie! I have read that hatching Seramas in the 'bator is difficult, so hopefully the experts on this forum can help me thru it!!

My dad and I have always raised pure breed dogs..great danes, dobermans, and now Carolina Wild dogs. So , I guess raising critters is in my blood!

Got a feeling I'm just gona fall in love with these little Seramas, even the roo's! (never allowed a roo before!)

Any specific tips on successfully raising Seramas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Ya'll!
from San Diego!! I know nothing about Serama's...I've been told it's kind of a fragile breed.

Yes, chickens are entertaining. Put up a few chicken pictures in your office and you'll have people talking non stop. They do that to people!!
Hey ladydoc and welcome from Ohio!

My MD doctors have chickens too, and we talk chicken every time I go into the office! I just LOVE IT! You should put some chicken pictures up on the walls......

Glad you joined and good luck with the Seramas.....I can't give any advice there, because I haven't hatched them!

Take care,

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