Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. My sick chicken :(

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    Aug 28, 2016
    I'm messaging you as I strongly feel you'll help. So the thing is that I've some chickens and I love them. So its been 5 days exactly that one of my hen (a chick to be exact and she's 5 months old) was attacked by a stray cat. She is bruised on the neck on two different places. She bled a lil (that's what saved her). She had some swelling on her head which is much better now, infact almost gone. So I gave her aspirin in small doses like twice a day for like 3 days and I just broke it into small chunks and just put in in her beak, she gobbled it easily. Also that my mom heated some turmeric powder in the cooking oil, put it on cotton and then while it was hot (not much hot) tied it to her neck where the bruises where. My mother said that it can be an alternative to any antibacterial ointments or med. And I force fed her, just to make sure that she doesn't become weak. She was mute since the incident took place until yesterday she started sounding thank God, although she doesn't say much but she does sometimes. She's eating fine now but she is quite drowsy and lethargic now. She cannot stand straight on her legs.She's always sleep. Her legs aren't as bouncy and swift as they were before. Today I just put some ointment called polyfex on her wounds. She could groom herself as her neck had this tension and non elasticity due to dried blood and wound. What do I do now? Should I give her any other medicines or let her heal on her own? Any suggestions and what should I do?
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    Sorry to hear about what happened to your chicken [​IMG] I know finding a vet that sees chickens can be difficult depending on where you are located but I would strongly recommend finding one and taking her in. Cat bites are notorious for causing gnarly infections in people, I cannot imagine what they would do to a chicken. Again so sorry to hear of this, I wish you the best of luck

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