hi everyone... want to ak about pumpkin seeds.

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    Can someone elaborate this procedure?

    Especially with the "reduce to lower heat" part...

    The seeds of squash, pumpkins and many other vine crops contain a deworming compound called cucurbitacin that is more or less active depending on the parasite12. The seeds may be fed directly to animals as the Canadian pioneers once did, but it is better to extract the main ingredient using water, alcohol or ether, for an effect that is similar to that of pumpkin seeds. Aqueous extracts from squash seeds (dilution 1/50) are effective against Haemonchus contortus38.

    Pumpkin seed dewormer24

    - Shell and grind up the pumpkin seeds (or buy them at a grocery store).
    - Mix 500 g of the seeds with three litres of water.
    - Simmer (do not boil), while stirring, for 30 minutes.
    - Let cool 30 minutes.
    - Filter through a cloth, squeezing to remove as much juice as possible.
    - Reduce over low heat to 150-200 ml.
    - Make sure to remove oily scum.
    - Refrigerate.

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    Quote:Reduce over low heat means to reduce the amount of liquid from the original 3 liters to 200ml. using a simmer. You are in essence slowly boiling/evaporating away the excess liquid, making it more concentrated. Do not literally boil away at a high heat as you may destroy the chemical compound you are trying to extract.


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