Hi Everyone!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Lil_Red_Hen, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Lil_Red_Hen

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    Feb 1, 2007
    Elkins, Arkansas
    Hi yall!
    I am new to this forum and I am "eggcited" to learn more about chickens and talk chicken! I used to live in Florida before I moved to Arkansas. When I lived in Florida I owned a nice flock of Buff Orpingtons, Sliver Laced Wyandottes, Black Astralorps, Light Brahmas and Salmon Faverolles. I enjoyed every minute raising them and the wonderful eggs they gave me. My husband and I now have 40 acres on top of a mountain in Northwest Arkansas. I am eager to start raising chickens again. I hope to have the coop constructed by the spring and to be able to order my chicks by April or May. I have thought from ordering from Murray McMurrary hatchery this time but I am open to any suggestions you have for a hatchery to order chicks. I plan to order about 50 total chicks,and possibly some guineas. Also I would love some of your tips and ideas on your coops, what works for you etc....I am thinking of a shed like building with a nice fenced area for them. I also will let them free range on certain days when I am able to keep an eye on them. I am aware there are alot of predators in my area so I want to be real sure I have a safe home for them. Also I am concerned about the cold winters here and having the coop warm enough for them. I plan to choose chicks that are tolerant to the cold weather. I look forward to making friends on this forum and learning alot more about our feathered friends!
  2. soonerdog

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    Oh how I love your name! Reminds me of the Little Red Hen reader I read when I was a child just learning to read. Now my son is in the first grade and reading it too. I still have my old version of the little book. It sounds like you all are going to have an exciting spring and summer. I wish you the best of luck getting your new coops and new birds established all over again. I love my birds too! Goodluck.
  3. Kitsune

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Manchester - England
    HI lil red hen [​IMG]

    Welcome to the BYC forum [​IMG]
  4. mudhen

    mudhen confidently clueless

    Jan 15, 2007
    Shepherdstown, WV
    Hello Lil Red Hen!
    You're going to love this forum, everyone is so helpful and sharing!
  5. SpottedCrow

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  6. Lil_Red_Hen

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    Feb 1, 2007
    Elkins, Arkansas
    Thank You everyone for the warm welcome!
    Soonerdog....thats where I got the name from, the children's book I remember as a kid reading [​IMG]
  7. Hotwings

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    Jan 27, 2007
    southwestern Michigan
    I am fairly new to the chicken world. My friend and I live in Michigan and she has Buff Orpingtons, Australorps, Plymouth Barred Rocks plus 5 little ornery Millie Fleur bantams and all do well in the cold. The chickens love eating the snow! She keeps her flock in a converted horse stall in the barn. All her chicks come from her local feed store and they order from MacMurry hatchery. She hasn't had any bad luck and they turned out to be beautiful birds.
  8. Stella789

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    i have no experience about chicken
  9. oldhenlikesdogs

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    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    My chicken shed is nothing pretty, it's a 40x40 pole building, with a couple of separate areas and a couple of pens, best advice is don't crowd anyone, give them way more room than what is recommended. I am in Wisconsin, gets pretty cold but my birds do fine, they don't need heat or to be locked up, just make sure you situate your coop so there are south facing windows, and provide plenty of ventilation. I think all breeds are hardy, I haven't had any problems, even from my Bantam frizzle or my silkies.

    So welcome, glad to answer any questions.
  10. georgiayankee

    georgiayankee Chirping

    Sep 15, 2015
    Hello!! I'm a real newbie to raising chickens 3 months new. I went chicken crazy!! I love my chickens and my new biddies too. They are like my kids because I worry about them all the time...lol!! So welcome your in the right place.

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