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    I am soooo happy to have found this awsome site [​IMG] ! I'm a 4-Her in connecticut, and i have 4 chickens and a sheep. However, we don't have enough land for the sheep, so she stays at my 4-H leader's farm.
    Also, i recently hatched 7 Aracauna chicks and 2 silkie chicks. This ended up happening because two of my hens got broody, but couldn't hatch their own eggs due to the absence of a rooster, but i got some fertile eggs from a friend. Out of twelve eggs, we ended up with 9 chicks. [​IMG]
    Sadly, i had to give them back today due to space issues, but if the two Silkies are girls i might sell my White Rocks to make room for them decisions [​IMG] decisions. Besides the two White Rocks, i also have Silkie and a Cochin Bantam.
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