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May 5, 2015
Hello everyone, I've been keeping chickens for years, however today, I've had my first experience of chicks! 4 hatched this morning under 3 broody hens? Do I keep the hens together with 4 hatched and another 4 on the way or do I seperate the 3 broods and give a chick each? Thanks!!!!!
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Congrats on the broody hatch! I would let the momma that hatched these chicks keep all of them. Separating the chicks and giving a broody each a chick could spell trouble. for the chicks or the broodies.

I would section off this area that the broody and her chicks are in so she is not bothered by the other hens. Some of the other hens could kill the chicks. Make sure to put food and water in this area too. In a couple weeks you can remove this barrier and momma will be able to protect them.

Enjoy your new babies and welcome to our flock!

Glad you joined us!

Did the hens all hatch the chicks together? I have had hens co set and mother chicks just fine, but be careful, some hens will pick certain chicks as theirs, and kill others, even when they all hatched them together. For now I agree with Two Crows, make sure the mamas are kept away from the other chickens, and leave them all on the nest into all the chicks have hatched.
So nice when broodies hatch chicks instead of using an incubator. Mama's have a lot to teach the babies, incubators do not.

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