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Jul 17, 2021
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Hello new friends!

I have been quietly lurking here for years. I recently moved from Boston to the literal middle of nowhere. Population 1200! I'm so excited about it. The biggest bonus to this is that I've finally been able to pull the trigger on getting chickens! Because I have small children, I wanted a breed that was known for friendly hens and docile roosters (my mom's rooster gave one of the kids stitches a couple years ago), so I am currently incubating a batch of faverolles eggs. I plan on keeping 5 hens and a rooster and passing the on the rest to other people in the area. Most of the people around here have chickens, and they all seem to want *more* chickens. The reason I want a rooster is because we are very rural and there are lots of predators around. I'm hoping a rooster will help the infamously easy to be eaten faverolle hens to keep a little safer.

Why do I want chickens? My family eats a lot of eggs, at least a dozen a week, and I want to know what goes into them. I find farm fresh eggs much better tasting than supermarket eggs. I also just love having things to take care of. I really can't sit still for long without getting grumpy so having lots to do is my goal.

My family consists of myself, my husband, my 3-year-old daughter, and my 10-year-old twin boys. We have snakes, mice, rats, frogs, geckos and button quail. I breed and sell the reptiles at reptile expos. We are in the process of adding a dog to the family, waiting on approval for adoption. Basically trying to make up for lost animal time while we lived in the city! We moved from a 4-bedroom colonial with 1/10 acre in Boston to a single floor concrete dome bunker on 280 acres last year and haven't regretted it yet.

On top of raising/breeding/selling reptiles, I also do digital fabrication. I have a laser cutter and 3D printer and make reptile related jewelry and gifts. I also use them to make feeders and accessories for all of the animals. My project over the next couple of weeks is to make my own brooder heat plate from acrylic and heat tape. I happen to have lots of heat tape and extra thermostats from raising snakes, so it won't cost me anything except materials that I already have.


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Mar 20, 2015
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