Hi from a new to be chicken owner in West Michigan


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8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
All my 'googling' inevitably lands me here, and in all my mentioning of getting chickens people keep referring me here too - so it's time I join! We are now only 1 week away from going to pick up our new little guys at the hatchery and it's really becoming a reality (both exciting and very intimidating)! My family and I know next to nothing about owning chickens aside from some library books, so we will be learning fast and hard in these next few weeks and months! We will be getting some araucanas, isa browns, australorps and barred rocks, and throwing in a golden lace wyandotte rooster to top off the crazy mix. And building our coop. We have just moved half way across the country to be able to get some more land (for things like chickens!) just a few months ago - chickens will be our first real addition to our new home, so thank you to everyone in advance for all the help in our questions I'm sure we'll be having. And looking forward to giving back help eventually when we are a little more 'seasoned' down the road.

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