Hi from an old fool in Spain


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Alpujarra mountains, Spain
Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m English, but I don’t live in England anymore. Five years ago I nagged poor Joe into relocating to a teeny, tiny mountain village in Spain. There are only six people (and 2 mules) in the village in winter, but in the summer and at weekends there are a couple of hundred as the Spanish often have 2 homes.

Apart from Joe, I am at the beck and call of 6 geriatric chickens. I’m afraid I can’t introduce them here as their names are far too rude, though you can check my website if you’re curious and un-shockable.

Our Spanish neighbours can’t understand why we don’t eat our chickens, and when they saw the chicken area they rolled their eyes heaven-ward (water-feature, stencilled walls, mirror, etc).

We are also honoured by daily visits from 2 village cats. They’re sisters and sit on our windowsill peering into the kitchen hoping to be fed. They aren’t tame enough to stroke, but they are beautiful to look at and full of character.


We’re just a couple of old fools, (our children are in their late twenties and scattered around the planet) but we’re thoroughly enjoying this period of our lives, and look forward to meeting like-minded people on this forum.
ooh! you have to post lots and lots of pics of everything there! My family (grandfather) is from Spain..and my other grandparents are from England also! Nice to meet you! Pics! pics! pics!

Gosh!!!! I've only just posted my thread, and all these welcomes here already! I can see I'm going to be spending a lot of time here...

Buff Hooligans: You want stories? There are so many... Like owning the most dangerous cockerel in Spain...

Redhen: Not sure how to post up pics yet. Where in England and Spain were your family from?

Enjaytoo: Oh dear.

from Wisconsin, transplanted here from Germany....Now I have to check your site......
Well, 6 residents and 2 mules.....Are the mules allowed to vote? They are such a big part of the community, they should have a say ....
You will enjoy the site, I am sure

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