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Sep 6, 2011
hi guys

well i grew up on a chicken farm.. my grandparents had well over 2 thousand chickens.. i was very little at the time but i do remember helping my grandfather. years later my wife talked me into getting sum RIR.. i agreed , it would be good for the kids to learn how to help. so i bought my girls on march 26th. they are big and beautiful. its know sep 6th and i still have no eggs.. they have there wattles but no squatting yet.. i have six girls and 3 ten by ten nesting boxes with golfballs in them.. the girls seem very happy and healthy.. but i'm getting worried..they get plenty of light and a 9 by 12 run to roam plus i'm always letting them out to roam the yard. i'm feeding the crushed layer and i just started to add oyster shells.. they don't like the pellets that much it seems.. so the big question is am i just being impaitent .
from FL.

There really is nothing you can do to rush a chicken into laying. My pullets are between 25 and 30 weeks and only one is laying. Patience.

BTW- I have family in Bloomsburg.
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and a warm
from a fellow Pennsylvanian!
Don't worry, they will lay when they are ready!
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