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First, this site is just a gold mine of information for the new chicken owner! This spring I fulfilled my wish and got chicks. I constructed a coop inside our small barn and I bought 10 meat birds, 10 assorted silver/gold Wynadottes and 4 Easter eggers. Beginners luck but I only lost one, and that was to the dog. (well, the meat birds have met their maker too, but that was intentional!) I absolutely love them and a couple are real pets.

I do have a couple questions. One is, do roosters typically become aggressive even with the humans? I've got an 8 year old who holds a roo like a baby and I'm worried about him someday pecking her face. Second, we get severe cold here. The barn is not insulated but also houses a horse and donkey. I recently installed a four bulb heating lamp (about five feet off the floor) for winter and will supply plenty of straw. Does this sound sufficient? I can't find any information on just how much cold they can take and i don't think my hubby will allow them in the house! :)
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Glad you joined us! Roosters come in all shapes and sizes and each seem to have it's own personality. Most can be quite aggressive, especially when there's competition (another rooster) or when something threatens their hens and some are just full of nonsense. In my years of chicken keeping I've had only one impossible, human aggressive rooster and quite a few sweethearts. Maybe I was just lucky? I don't know, but I do think it comes down a lot to how the rooster was raised and whether or not he knows and respects the fact that YOU are boss.

On the winter issue, I think you may find this thread helpful and interesting:


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