Hi from central Florida :)


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
I'm Cyndi, from a small town in Central Florida. I was raised on a farm in SC, and have always had chickens. My family got started with chickens about a year and a half ago and have been enjoying them since. We built our own coop and made it a big family project (hubby, me, two kiddos) and got a few laying hens and one rooster, and a set of 8 babies. We've lost a few to wildlife (did I mention I now hate raccoons and bobcats??) and have two layers and one rooster now, along with 11 chicks less than 3 months old. We've improved the coop to make it safer, and will be building a nesting shed soon, since right now our nesting boxes are just placed on a plywood table inside the coop. I'm looking forward to learning and improving!
Happy nesting, y'all! :)
from Ohio and God Bless!!! Sorry to hear about your losses.

Nice to have you join us. Good luck with you chickens. By the way your recipes sound yummy on your other post. I had just finished reading them when I saw this one.
Thanks for all the welcomes :) Glad to have found you guys. A neighbor I just met the other day told me about this site and of course I had to come check it out!

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