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Jun 17, 2010
Central NY
So I am proof that a horse fanatic can also become a chicken fanatic.

We were going to start with chicks (and we will be getting them in two weeks), but had the opportunity to obtain three adult hens from a freind. We were ready for babies, but thought we had time to build the coop at our leisure.

We decided to re-vamp our grain room (we used to have a llama and have a small barn with an attached grain and hay storage room). We cleaned the the area and disinfected it, reinforced the floor, put wire panel across the window to the barn, made a door from a hog panel with smaller wire attached to it and made a perch. We then put down shavings and made a raised food and water area. We went to get the chickens at 9:30pm. We picked them up in a large dog crate and put the crate in the coop with the door open - they now use it as a brooder box. Two days later we built and attached a 10 x 10 outdoor area with buried wire and a wire top.

Both hens are (I think) Rhode Island hens and lay one egg per day. One egg is x-large and one is jumbo - compared against the eggs from the store. Buttercup is definately in charge and is a little larger then Leif Erickson. Buttercup is rust and white and Leif is russet red. Both are friendly and easy to handle. The kids love to pet them.

The third chicken we were supposed to pick up was missing for two weeks, but then returned. We picked her up last night and put her in with the other chickens thinking they would be fine as they were together two weeks ago. This morning Buttercup started fighting so badly with Carly that I removed Carly from the pen and she is now in the garage. Ok - bad idea to not introduce them properly. So now I will check the forum to get information on ways to safely introduce Carly to the other two girls.

I have already picked up much info from the site. Thank you.


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