Hi From Charlotte, NC


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Hi Everyone!

My name is Tracy from NC. I had been into chickens for a while raising rare breeds and show poultry. I use to have longcrowers, black and white langshan, salmon and white faverolles, Spitzhaubens, Barbanters and a few others BUT times got a little tough so I had to sellout.

NOW, I'm back in full swing. I currently adopt and train wild mustangs from out west (I'm a horse girl)
My breeds of poultry include black and blue sumatra, silver dorkings, black jersey giants and a flock of laying hens.

I'm really thinking hard about trading the sumatra or dorkings for a flock of langshan or faverolle. Those were my two favorite breeds but just couldn't find any around that weren't chicks.

Anyway, I look forward to chicken talk again. I've been avoiding chicken groups becuase I didn't want to see how much fun everyone else was having LOL

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