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May 2, 2013
Hello, My name is Tabatha im soon to be 25. I am married ( almost a year )and have a two boys 5 years old and 4 months old. I a completely new to this whole experience. My husband and I live in Clarksville Tn. I am needing to ask a lot of questions "like best breed for small coop in suburbs, how to control smell, noise levels ect.. I was raised on a farm where we had chickens when I was younger but I don't remember much just collecting eggs. We switched over to goats and later I became a horse trainer so the farm completely evolved.
My husband is Daniel and he will more than likely post under my name sometimes as well. He just reached his 5 year mark in the Army and reenlisted for another 4 years. So we need a breed that would travel ok and adapt to possibly a different environment. He is a native of Wisconsin and the story of how we met 13 years ago should be a novel LOL.
We both look forward to absorbing knowledge as we are both huge animal lover and are super excited to start a new chapter!!! Thank you all Tabatha Moe:D

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Please thank your husband for his continued years in service.

You could try "where am I, where are you," forum and post on your state thread. Very likely there are chicken people in your area . I would think if you only had a few chickens - it might be better to rehome them - especially if a future destination entails a major climate change. You could replace them with chickens that are accustomed to the area.

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