Hi from Colorado Springs, CO


9 Years
Jul 25, 2010
Colorado Springs
My husband and I bought three chickens today (two golden-laced wyandottes and one black australorp). We've never had chickens before, but we are excited for the experience and the eggs. Our new girls are about a year and a half old and from a ranch about an hour from our house. They are healthy and trying to adjust to their new quarters. Our nearly-two-year-old sat next to the run for about an hour this morning watching them cluck about. What great entertainment!

A few months ago I was in Colorado Springs.. My, it's beautiful up there!! Unlike the heat here...
I love Colorado Springs. Deer hunted there at Ft. Carson Army Base two years ago. Actually made three trips before harvesting a really nice mule deer. Have spend more than 20 vacations on your western slope. Enjoy your birds.

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