Hi from Denton, TX, soon to be San Antonio Texas...


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Mar 22, 2009
DFW, Texas
I'm in Texas...in Denton right now, but most likely moving to San Antonio shortly...
Anyone know of a cheap bit of property w/ house on an acre or two??....

I had three backyard hens (black australorp, barred rock, ameracauna), and gave them to a friend when I learned I was pregnant. (I can't eat eggs during my pregnancy or while breastfeeding, so, give that it'll be months yet before I can eat them, she's enjoying the girls and giving me what eggs I need for baking).
Picking up three buff orpington chicks locally tomorrow to start raising for my next set of girls. They should start laying about as I'm ready to start eating those yummy farm fresh eggs again.

I'm currently trying to procure a silkie pullet to move into the indoor set up I have that already has a d'uccle hen.

I would like to keep serama and a few quail as well, but now that the move is looking like a reality (we only found out a few hours ago), I'm going to hold off until we actually have a place to live. I have someone to watch the others if we need to leave in an apartment for a month or three, but don't want to overwhelm them with too many birds!!

I do also have a 'few' other critters.
=0 )
(gender notation: 0.0.0 male.female.unknown)
0.1 red bellied parrot
0.1 rabbit (who I'm desperately allergic to and needs to find a new home)
4.8.3 snakes (burmese pythons, red tail boas, ball pythons, kenyan sand boas, rosy boas, etc.)
1.1 blue tongued skinks
0.1 prehensile tailed skink
1.0 crocodile skink
0.0.1 stinkpot turtle
2.2 red eared slider
1.1 box turtles
1.2 chihuahuas
1.0 husband ;0 )
0.2 darling daughters

Thank heaven for lots of friends who like different animals and can maintain my various species of animals for a couple months if needed.
And thank goodness I'm a SAHM so I have time to take care of 'em all!!!!
=0 )

So, yeah, me and my zoo!!



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Quote:Why no eggs while pregnant? Is that something new?

Kind of curious myself. I know that you are not to be around kitty litter while you are pregnant dh cleaned the cat boxes for both pregnancies.


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Mar 22, 2009
DFW, Texas
No eggs has nothing to do with anything normal or sane...I actually discovered the hard way with my first that I very suddenly became allergic to eggs a short time into the pregnancy and have a mild anaphylactic response to the eggs. Every egg that I ate, it got worse. It continued through the breastfeeding, and stopped shortly after I finished breastfeeding.

I thought I was just crazy and it was all in my head...but my OB said that crazy things like that happen during pregnancy due to all the changes the body undergoes.
When they gave me my flu shot with this baby, I had a very mild reaction (they use eggs to grow a lot of the vaccines), and got to stay for a couple hours at the clinic, and was strictly ordered not to eat eggs until I was done breastfeeding. But at least it confirmed, with a proffessional having a look that I wasn't crazy....hehe

Weird, no??....
Anyway, I can eat the within reason baked into things, b/c a couple eggs baked into bread is such a small portion, and I can also eat egg beaters if I REALLY want, say, an egg sandwich...but once you've had a nice over easy egg that you picked up from the henhouse, cracked open, and eaten all within a couple hours....well, egg beaters just aren't the same
=0 )

I'm assuming I'll be able to eat eggs again with no problems when I finish breastfeeding, just like last time....


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