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    Nov 19, 2010
    New member as of today! We have 3 barred rock hens, at least that's what the kids have told me. They've been with us since Easter of 2009 and as you may have guessed were Easter gifts to my kids from their great-grandma (great-momo). We decided to make a project out of it and built a coop and have been enjoying the eggs and goofiness of the chickens. I came to the forum because about 2 months ago one of our hens was losing feathers and we though she might have been sick and stopped laying. About a month ago the other 2 stopped laying but they don't seem to be losing feathers like the first one did. This is the first time since getting the hens that we've had to buy eggs from the store. While trying to do some investigation, I came across this forum and decided to join. As you can already tell, this is our first attempt at raising chickens ever. Looking forward to diving into the forum!!
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    Well first of all [​IMG] from Missouri. Now the question is how old are they? They could be going through a partial molt. Most birds do during the shorter days. How much light are they getting per day. If it isn't at least 14 hours that will slow down or stop laying as well. I have my girls on a timer. This includes the ones that were already grown that were given to me because they weren't laying. I gave them increased light and they started laying. Hope some of this helps.
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    Welcome to BYC. I love Barred Rocks. Mine are in molt like yours and not getting any eggs neither...all normal. Mine are in full molt and probably wont wont get any eggs til early spring after they regrow feathers. Good luck. (our early spring is usually sometime in February)

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