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Sep 15, 2017
Hi I am Pastor Robert. My wife wants me to get a sign on our coop that says "Pastor's Chicks". We try to live a simple life in Idaho. I retired from the Navy in 2008 and have since been learning as much as we can about organic gardening, raising meat chickens, turkeys, hunting big game, and raising laying hens as we can.

As of today we have 13 turkeys, 18 three year old layers, and 25 new layers. The old girls are going very soon. They started eating their own eggs and we have tried everything to get them to stop but no success. So we got the 25 new ones, put them in separate runs and coops. The new girls have just started laying this week, so the old ones will be going away this week. Most of our hens are Leghorns, but our son wanted a few colorful ones so we have a few varieties. The new ones are all Leghorns, but 10 of them are brown Leghorns, VERY skidish.

Our hens are spoiled. I built them an 8'x16' coop, fully insulated, with an automatic door, two feeders that will hold about two 40lbs bags, and roll-a-way egg beds. They only eat organic feed, organic wheat, lots of stuff from our garden, and they free-range.

Well that is about it for introductions I guess. I look forward to interacting with you all, learning as much as I can and sharing things I've picked up over the last 9 years.
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