Hi from Louisiana


7 Years
Nov 15, 2012

I'm Jerrica. I'm from south eastern Louisiana along the Gulf Coast. I got into chickens about a year go.I currently have a mixed flock of around 20 birds. Most are Rhode Island Reds or Red Stars. I have 2 black Australorp hens. I lost my black rooster to old age. My current rooster is an egotistical RIR. I have some buff orpington, RIR, and americauna mixed hens and a few young roosters that will be culled from the flock when they're older.

I have 24.5 acres with horses, ducks, geese, goats, cats, dogs, and a few other animals.

I've used this site to find answers about my chickens before and decided to join.
Greetings from Kansas, spirithawk06, and
! Great to have you in our community! Best of luck with your chickens and assorted critters!!
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