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Jun 5, 2020
Hi everyone,

Long time reader, first time typer.
Just kidding, but really, I've been begging my S/O for chickens for ages and this year we finally did it. We are in a neighborhood development on the edge of town, with cows across the street! I am starting out with three Black Australorps, and they are still in the brooder. By my count, they are just over three weeks old. The most um.... entertaining.... part of this whole new ordeal is that we have a three year old bird dog. Bird Dog as in she usually hunts them. So far, she is doing GREAT and has been nothing but gentle with them! I've been taking the chicks out in sunny weather for short outdoor exploration, and they are much calmer and personable when outside it seems.
Here's a picture of them all a few days ago.


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